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"Speechless"  is the song who Michael predicted his death and spoke  to Lilly


How I Feel About Myself

I took a deep breath and finally decided to write about what I have experienced during the past year. I feel awkward and relieved at the same time about my decision to finally write this book but there is always this inner voice that says “This is your story and everything is real – I want you to believe.”

My words are exactly what have been told to me. Everything that has happened to me is about a mission that has been dictated to me and I am the person chosen to execute it. The actual words are “You are commanded.” It began when I asked this inner voice over and over again, “Why me? Why me? I am no one.” I always received the same answer,

“You are the chosen one.”

I am going to say it again. I am passing on the words to you just as I have received them. It is important for you to know from the bottom of my heart that I am not crazy. I am not someone who is desperate for attention or in need of pursuing money and riches. No, it is just the opposite. I have experienced highs and lows in my life like anyone else and have begun living life with joy. I decided to do this for someone very special. In short, it is Michael Jackson. Yes, THE Michael Jackson.

As I express my thoughts that come to mind, it seems impossible that it could be the “Greatest Entertainer of the World” or more commonly known as the “King of Pop.” My personal story is like a nightmare that never ends. My hands start to tremble when I think about all the things that have happened to me, however, I am passing it on the way Michael Jackson is telling me and he wants the world to know the TRUTH about what happened to him.

It is a very tough situation for me which I am aware of, but I promised Michael I would do what he is telling me to do even though I am aware of the consequences I am facing. I told him I would do this together with him and listen to what he has to say and share his heart's desire. I am alone with this tremendous task and as you can imagine, it is difficult for me to talk to anybody about my experience. I live with fear but at the same time, curious about the development of the task at hand. I know I run the risk of being called a “nutcase”, however, the fact is, I decided to write this book to demonstrate how important this experience has been with Michael and how much he has influenced my thoughts and life.

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